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* Do you know what the web redirect record is?

Suggested article: Web redirect record

The web redirect record or WR record is also known as URL redirect or HTTP forwarding. It allows you to redirect the requests for to
You can forward your domain name to any website, webpage, etc. which is available online.

Redirects use status codes defined within the HTTP protocol. Based on this, Web redirects may be of the following types:

  • 301 (permanent) - This type of redirect is a constant type of unmasked redirect. It is used if your website is permanently moved to a new address and you want it to be indexed by search engines
  • 302 (temporary) - This is a temporary type of unmasked redirect. It is used if a certain URL has been changed to a different address temporarily.
  • Redirect with frame (also known as URL masking and URL cloaking)

Web redirect is a very useful way to forward your domain visitors to any URL of your choice. If you are interested in it, you can take a look at this article!